Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has MBF Clearing been in business?
A. Since 1987

Q. What is the minimum amount required to open an account with MBF?
A. $100,000, regardless of the type of account, subject to determination by MBF senior management.

Q. Does MBF accommodate on-line stock or equity options trading?
A. Not at the present time.

Q. What are MBF commission rates?
A. For the most active traders, commission rates for futures contracts are competetive. The initial rates will be established by MBF in the course of establishing your account. Standard Exchange and Government fees are applied separately.

Q. Can I access my account statements on-line?
A. Yes

Q. I don’t trade on-line and/or some of the products that I trade are not electronically-traded. Can I trade futures markets through an Order Desk?
A. Yes. We have a full-service order execution desk that can accommodate virtually any futures product that you want to trade.

Q. Am I required to use CQG or TT for my electronic trading technology?
A. We support CQG and TT to be world-class platforms; these are the same trading systems used by hundreds of exchange members and proprietary traders. Customers can choose to use other vendors for charting applications and/or market data.

If you’d like to know which system is best for you, please call (212) 845-5138

Q. Do I need to sign separate software licensing contracts with these vendors?
A. No. Once you select the trading technology platform that you want (and the exchanges that you want to access), our IT department will facilitate the set-up of your system, including training, on a turnkey basis. Your account will be debited for the cost of the system each month. 

Q. I’d like to subscribe to ACD Daily, how do I get started.
A. You’ll first need to have acknowledged that you’ve read The Logical Trader: A Method To The Madness. Go directly to “Subscribe To ACD Daily” for complete information.

Q. How do I secure an internship with MBF?
A. Go directly to the MBF Career page on this site.

Q. I have another question that is not covered in this section, who should I speak to?
A. Call our main office number (212) 845-5000 any time from 8:30 am-5pm EST and we’ll be happy to direct you to the appropriate member of our staff.


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There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Trading in futures may not be suitable for everyone.